Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tzniut Meme

From Sephardilady over at Orthonomics... I "stole" it, she didn't tag me.

For married women, do you dress by the same standards as you did when you got married? Also for married women, do you and your husband conflict about this issue?

More or less. My hemlines have snuck a little longer, and there was one snood I used to wear (crocheted, with crocheted headband) that always showed a bit more hair than any others that I had... I no longer wear that style. The only things my husband said on the subject were that he would prefer that I cover all my hair, and he doesn't think Red is a tzniusdik color... so for him specifically, I no longer wear red in public. I think I've convinced him that burgundy, merlot, et al (you know, wine colors) are not technically red.

Do you often feel uncomfortable when you are in the company of a group keeping higher or lower standards than you?

Nope... I'm comfortable with my level, which is a really nice feeling.

How accepting is your community of women who "deviate" from the generally accepted mode of dress?

Pretty accepting, I think... there's such a wide range of "Acceptable" here. I love this community.

If you have a daughter, has tzniut become an issue yet?

I have 3 daughters over the age of 3, so yes. One of them is specifically forbidden to go out in public without tights, although the others are permitted to wear knee socks... precisely because she just isn't tniusdik in socks. I'm not sure I can explain it... but her skirt stays on her legs better with tights and if it doesn't at least she's covered.

Have your standards changed from when you were growing up, and why?

Um, yeah!! When I was a kid, almost anything went. But I'm cheating on this one... I wasn't raised observant. My parents let me wear just about anything I wanted to. It was my own personal sense of modesty that insisted on skirts when possible, not too tight jeans, long shorts (at least to my knees) and no belly-baring anything.