Thursday, August 23, 2007


Someone mentioned to me recently that I can now officially call myself Mama Duck, since I have the same number of children as Mrs. Mallard in "Make Way for Ducklings." Since I haven't bothered making up blogger names for my children (I thought it would be too hard to keep track of who is supposed to be whom) I will now dub them Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack and Quack.

(Jack and Nack are the boys)

April, 2008: I can't keep track this way, so I'm re-nicknaming my kids. If you actually know them, you can probably figure out who is who just from the names I chose, but except for Jelly, don't ever call any of them any of these nicknames in real life. Not if you want them to answer, anyway.

January, 2014: Attempt to rename them failed, because the nicknames bothered me. Switching to initials and backdating the text to reflect that.

MY, my firstborn, a boy. age 10
CD, next in line, a girl, age 9
RM, girl, age 8
HT, girl, age 7
MM, boy, age 5
SS, girl, age 3
NL, (also called Jelly when she was 2), girl, very very 2
TT, the baby, almost 1

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LC said...

1. if someone actually knows them, place in line works well, too.

2. Mimi? the only obscure one.