Thursday, March 27, 2008

Goldie Eisenhorn and the Three Behrs

Once upon a time, in a year much like this one, where Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbos, there lived a little girl named Goldie. Goldie Eisenhorn. She was about 7, old enough to cross small streets and such, but not old enough to stay home alone. Luckily she lived with her parents. About as often as she was home, she visited another family, friends of her family, who lived across the street and down two blocks, the Behrs. The Behrs had a little boy just two and a half years old. His name was actually Chaim, but everyone called him Baby, and Goldie liked to help his Mama around the house, or just sit and read to little Chaim.

Goldie's parents had never wanted just one child, and they'd been seeing doctors to help explain why they hadn't had any more children yet. Goldie's mother was finally expecting a new little brother or sister, and the baby was due about 2 weeks after Pesach that year. Goldie's mother was very tired! Goldie tried her best to help her and stay out of her way, but she was only a little girl, and she did sometimes get bored playing by herself. And when she got bored, she often got into trouble. When her mother was too tired to play with her, she sent Goldie across the street and down the 2 blocks to "help" Mama Behr.

(to be continued...)

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