Friday, August 31, 2007

Say what?

SS3 came running into the playroom from the hallway, obviously very upset. "Mama," she said, "MM4 put a chalking hazard in my hair!" "You mean a choking hazard?" I asked, only to have her respond, "No, a chalking hazard. We were drawing with chalk and he put a chalking hazard in my hair! We need to wash it out."

It's so hard to be three, especially when you have to deal with big brothers who put chalking hazards in your hair.

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Katirocks said...

I love that! I just love the things kids say! I saw your comment on Dawns blog. You're super woman 8 kids in 10 years & you're not in an asylum! Wow, I just have 4 & I think at times the padded room is calling my name. ha ha
keep up the good work mama duck!!
- Kate